Flip PowerPoint Professional

Flip PowerPoint Professional 1.8

It helps you convert PowerPoint presentations into Flash-based animations

Flip PowerPoint Professional is a powerful application that enables you to convert PowerPoint presentations to complex Flash animations that can include page-flipping effects, various background sounds, and so on.

Flip PowerPoint Professional comes with a lot of predefined themes, templates and layouts that can be used to enhance the look of the output Flash presentation. Building your own themes and templates is also possible. The best thing about Flip PowerPoint Professional is probably the fact that it doesn’t only let you convert the PowerPoint presentations to Flash files, but also allows you to modify them prior to the conversion. This way, you can enhance them by adding all kinds of elements like texts, images, or even other videos and animations. A specific powerful tool dedicated only to this task is included, the “Flip Page Editor”. Before the actual conversion, many other elements of the output Flash video can be customized, including the title bar, the buttons, other control tools, and so on.

By converting the PowerPoint files to Flash presentations, you save yourself the headache of having to come up with a way to conveniently share them online. This powerful tool can output presentations to HTML page-flipping e-books, to self-executable EXE files, to ZIP files for Flash drives, to Mac APP files, or even burn presentations directly to CDs or DVDs. Batch converting PPT and PPTX files at the same time is also possible.

Cutting long story short, Flip PowerPoint Professional is a truly powerful tool that offers a lot of possibilities when it comes to converting PowerPoint presentations to easy-to-share Flash files.

Margie Smeer
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  • Can also output to self-executable EXE files
  • Can modify the input PowerPoint presentations
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • Pricey
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